You need help with computers? Who doesn't?

Need help with computers?

Computers are one of those complex machines which have become very useful in our daily lives. If they stop working, our life literally stops.

Many of us have no knowledge about the technicalities of a computer. So, it’s not a good idea to tinker with it if it has stopped working. The best thing is to ask a professional for help. But where to find such professionals whom you can trust?

We are here to end your woes. We are here to help you with any kind of technical information like installations, trouble shootings and unknown interesting technical tricks...etc. Mainly we face the problems with some type of applications, which installed in the system, Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. We can fix those issues by using several methods.

Here are some common problems we face while using computers.

Computers & Laptops:
  • Hanging
  • Not opening
  • Not responding
  • Booting slow
  • Issues with Control Panel
  • Issues with Drivers
  • Internet issues
  • LAN Issues
  • Wi-Fi Issues

Mainly we use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera etc.
These browsers also give some problems like:

  • Browser is not responding,
  • No data received
  • Slow loading
  • Web pages are not responding
  • Getting unwanted ads
  • Opening unwanted sites automatically
  • Not allowing you to copy the data from webpage etc.

Almost every windows computer user use some applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe reader, web browsers etc. Some people use some another applications depending on their requirements. However, we face some issues with those applications also, like,
  • Excel not responding,
  • Skype not responding,
  • Application stopped working,
  • Unable to install applications,
  • Web Cam not working,
  • Skype audio and video problems,
  • License expiring of applications etc.
We have provided the maximum technical solutions in this website, you can go through it by searching with keyword by using our searching tool in this main page.

How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once

Forward multiple emails at once:

We can forward multiple emails to a single person by sending single single mails, but its not a matter. Forward multiple emails at once to a single person is different thing. We can not send it simply, we have to use some kind of techniques.

When you have got a number of messages you need to send someone, it can be heavy to forward them all. Multi Forward for Gmail helps you to make this process simpler.

Gmail basically only allows you to forward one message at a time. Whether that’s to help curb junk or simply because it’s not an everyday task is unclear. However, there are times being able to forward multiple emails at once can be ready to hand. For example, when you need to forward all of your employees suggestion reports to your boss at the end of the month. Multi Forward for Gmail allows you to select multiple emails from your inbox by clicking the multi forward button and send them all at once.

Kindly follow the below method to send multiple mails at a once by using Gmail Multi Forward Option:

Steps to forward multiple emails at once:

  • In Chrome, Go to Apps (Open new tab then you see "Apps" option on left side)
  • Click on Web Store
  • Type "Multi forward for Gmail" in search box
  • Select "Multi forward for Gmail"
  • Click on Add to Chrome
  • Add Extension
  • Sign in with your Gmail
  • Reload the Gmail and you will get multi forward option.(Follow the below image)

forward multiple mails at once

By doing this we can forward multiple emails at a time. We can save lot of time with this 'forward multiple emails' option when compare to forwarding emails one by one. Basically all the people do not know this G-mail multi forward option to forward multiple mails at once. They will wasting their time by forwarding mails one by one. You can share this method to your friends and make them understand How to forward multiple emails at once.

* Watch below video to know How to Forward Multiple Mails at Once:

I think you have enjoyed with this trick of How to forward multiple emails at once, any how thank you.

How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark

How to Remove Activate Windows Watermark:

Activate Windows watermark

Are you getting “Activate Windows- Go to settings to activate windows” watermark on your desktop? Nothing to be worried, here is a simple method to remove it.

The reason for Activate Windows watermark is your windows license has expired. If you have a product key then you can activate it directly, but if you do not have product key or serial key you will see the Activate Windows watermark on your desktop.

If you some third party software to activate windows you can do it, but there are lot of chances to get the watermark again. So if you want to remove  Activate Windows watermark, please follow the below steps.

Steps to remove Activate Windows Watermark:

1) Open Notepad and type the below commands as it is

2) @echo off
     taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe

     (See the below image)

Activate Windows watermark2

3) Now go to files and click “Save as”

4) Change the save as type to All Files (*.*)

5) Give the file name as “ Activate.bat”

Activate Windows watermark3

6) Now the file is looks like as shown in below image

activate windows watermark4

7) Now right click on Activate.bat file and click on “Run as administrator”

8) A command prompt will be opened and closed itself

9) Now restart your laptop or desktop

10) Activate windows watermark will be removed.

By following the above steps you can easily remove activate windows watermark from your computer or laptop.

Download Teamviewer Latest Version

Download Teamviewer Latest:

download teamviewer latest version

Teamviewer is a famous application or software for remote access. We can access the other remote computers by downloading Teamviewer.

We have several versions in Teamviewer. We can download any version of teamviewer from internet.
We have number of webistes to download Teamviewer.

To download latest version of Teamviewer please click the following link.

Download Teamviewer Latest Version:
                                                                      Please click below to download Teamviewer

teamviewer latest version download

By downloading Teamviewer we have multi uses with teamviewer, we can use teamviewer for remote access, we can use teamviewer for conducting teamviewer remote meetings.
You can download latest versions of teamviewer from this website.

How to Watch Youtube Videos in Offline

How to Watch Youtube Videos in Offline:

how to watch youtube videos in offline

Youtube is a most famous website now days. We can watch all type of videos in youtube. Everyone is watching youtube videos now days. Youtube videos means, people upload the videos to youtube by using their youtube account and every one can watch. Everyone can upload the videos in youtube but youtube account is required to upload. We need internet to watch youtube videos.

We can watch youtube videos in offline also. This option enabled in android smartphone. We can watch the youtube videos without any internet connection by using this option. This method is very useful to all youtube users because there are lot of chances to people stay without internet, in that time this method watch youtube videos in offline is very useful.

We can watch youtube videos in offline in smart mobiles only. If we want to watch youtube videos in offline in laptop or computer there is only one option which is we need to download that video from youtube and watch it.

Procedure to watch youtube videos in offline:

Step 1) Open Youtube application in your smart phone
Step 2) Open the video which you want to watch
Step 3) You can see there is a option to save offline (check below image)

watch youtube videos in offline in mobile

Step 4) Click on that option and save it
Step 5) Now turn off your Internet connection or mobile data
Step 6) Open Youtube app, now you can see the offline videos list
Step 7) Click on the video which you have saved in offline and watch it without any buffering.

Watch the video of "How to watch youtube vidoes in offline":

By using this method you can watch youtube vidoes in offline mode easily. You can search this query in online like how to watch youtube videos in offline, youtube offline videos, how to see youtube videos in offline, how to watch offline youtube videos etc.

How To Recover Deleted Files | Lost Files

Recover deleted files| lost files:

We can recover deleted files or lost files by using some applications. If we delete the files from computer or laptop those files will moved to Recycle Bin directly. If you delete the files from that Recycle Bin also then what will you do to recover those deleted files.

Normal Delete:

Maximum people use delete button to delete the files and some people will select the files, right click on it, and then use delete option. However, both options are same. The deleted files or deleted data will goes to recycle-bin, which is presents in the computer. We can recover those deleted files or deleted data easily by opening Recycle Bin and selecting the files that you have deleted and right click on those files and click on restore. Now the deleted files will restored to their actual places.

Shift Delete or Permanently Delete:

Some people has the habit of deleting files completely by pressing Shift + Delete. Which means the files will be removed completely from the computer or laptop and they will not be saved in Recycle Bin also.
In such cases, it is difficult to get or recover deleted files. We need to use some methods or some data recovery applications.

We have some methods to recover deleted files or lost files. The best applications to recover deleted files or lost files are

  • iCare Data Recovery,
  • Easeus Data Recovery,
  • 7-Data Recovery Suite
  • Mini Tool Data Recovery..etc.

Recover Deleted Files by iCare Data Recovery:

recover deleted files from icare data recovery

Step1: Download and install icare data recovery software.
Step2: Open icare data recovery software
Stpe3: Click on “Deep Scan Recovery” option or “Deleted File Recovery” option
Step4: Select the partition where you have deleted files
Step5: Click on “Next”
Step6: It will show all the files you have deleted permanently
Step7: Select the files you want to recover
Step8: Click on ‘Recover’ or ‘Next’.
Now you will get or recover deleted files or lost files.

Recover Deleted Files by EaseUS Data Recovery:

recover deleted files from easeus data recovery

Step1: Downoad and install Easeus data recovery software.
Step2: Open Easeus data recovery software
Step3: Select the Type of files, which you want to recover
Step4: Click on “Next”
Step5: Select the Partition or Drive where you have deleted the files
Step6: Click on “Scan”
Step7: It will show you the files, which you have deleted or lost
Step8: Select the files you want to recover
Step9: Click on “Recover”.
Now you will get or recover deleted files or lost files.

Similarly, the remaining soft wares like 7-data recovery, Mini Tool Data recovery should has the same process to recover deleted files.

recover deleted files from 7 data and mini tool

Repeat the above steps in these type of applications also and recover deleted files or lost files.

If these processes not worked to "recover deleted files or lost files" there will be another chance, that is hard disk recovery but these type of cases it is better to consult computer or laptop service center. The computer service centers has some data recovery tools so that they can recover deleted files or lost files for some chances.

By following the above methods we can recover deleted files or lost files easily.

How to Download Videos From YouTube in a Minute

We can download videos in YouTube in a minute without any third party software or application. Normally all the people will use some type of applications like You tube Downloader, Free Make Video Downloader..etc,

but we can download the same you tube video in a minute by changing the URL.

YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch videos on their website. Lot of people want to download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their PC so they can watch them without Internet or on other machines.

Kindly follow the below steps to Download You Tube Videos,

Process to download videos from Youtube:

For Example you want to download a Rhyme from you tube, then 

  1. Play the video in you tube
  2. Go to the URL bar
  3. Add ss before the in the URL.
  4. Check the below image to understand clearly.
  5. Download videos from You tube
  6. The URL after added 'ss' is should be like
  7. After added the ss then press enter
  8. Then  you will go to another page which is,
  9. Press the download button to download  you tube video directly.
  10. See the below image for clear understanding.

Download You tube Videos in a minute
Make sure you are choosing the 'MP4 360p' or 'MP4 480p' option from the download link which is shown.

However we can download youtube videos from other third party applications like youtube downloader but it will take some time to download videos from youtube. For employees, the third party applications are not allowed by default in some companies, so that they can not download youtube videos from those applications, in those cases this method is very useful to download youtube videos easily.

Watch Video to Download You tube Videos:

I think you have enjoyed with this trick of how to download videos from youtube, anyhow thank you.

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