Chrome is working slow [SOLVED]

Solution for Chrome slow issue:

Is your Chrome running very slow? Don't worry we have a solution for that. You can troubleshoot chrome slow issues by several methods like removing extensions, clearing history, cookies, cache etc. and by disabling some plugins. 

Google chrome is a famous web browser in the world. The maximum number of people will prefer Google chrome for any web related purpose.

Google Chrome must save our data like browsing history, cookies and saved passwords etc. We need to clear this data at least once a week to avoid chrome is slow issues.

Sometimes some unwanted and unknown add-ons and extensions will be installed in our chrome, because of these also our chrome is slow issue will occur. Try to remove all those unwanted add-ons and extensions from chrome to avoid chrome is slow issues.

Process to fix the Chrome is slow issue by removing extensions:
  • Open chrome and go to settings (From the top right side of chrome)
  • Click on Extensions (From the left side of chrome)
  • Find unwanted extensions
  • Remove the tick and remove the extensions

If still the problem is same then use below steps to fix chrome is slow issue.

chrome is slow

  • Open Chrome
  • Type about://plugins and press enter

  • Disable all plug-ins except Flash Player
  • Open New Tab and type about://flags

  • Enable GPU
  • Relaunch the chrome and check the status.

If the problem is still, then try to reinstall the chrome to fix Chrome is slow issue. Some times a simple restart of chrome also will be fixed the chrome is slow issue.
           It is better to have less extensions to avoid issues like chrome is slow.
By following the above steps you can easily avoid the issues like chrome is slow.
I think you have enjoyed this solution of chrome is slow, anyhow thank you.