Command to Get Serial Number of Computer

Command to Get Serial Number of Computer:  
The every computer or Laptop has its own serial number. The serial numbers are unique for every device. We can find the serial number of computer through command prompt.

Steps for Command to Get Serial Number of Computer:
  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type below command and press enter.
  • wmic bios get serialnumber

Then you will get the serial number of your computer as below showed image.

command to get serial number of computer

The wmic bios get serialnumber command call the Win32_BIOS wmi class and get the value of the Serial Number property, which retrieves the serial number of the BIOS Chip of your computer.
By using this command to get serial number you can save your time as it is very simple method.
I think you have enjoyed Command to get serial number, anyhow thank you.