Computer is Booting Slow

Solution for Computer Booting Slow:

Is your computer starting very slow? Don't worry we have a solution.
The reason for computer booting slow will be a software problem or hardware problem. We can avoid these computer booting slow issues by maintaining our computer correctly.

Make sure there is less number of programs in startup of computer, so that we can avoid computer booting slow issue easily. If our computer has so many unwanted programs in startup then all that programs will be started while booting your computer, this is the main reason for computer booting slow. Anyhow we can avoid these computer booting slow issues by following below methods.

Kindly follow the below steps to fast your computer booting.

Method 1:
  • Go to Start (If windows 8/10 go to RUN)
  • Type msconfig and press enter
  • Go to Startup
  • Disable all unwanted programs
computer is booting slow
  • Click on Ok
  • Restart the computer.
Method 2:

  • Open RUN
  • Type msconfig and press enter
  • Go to Boot option
  • Tick on No GUI Boot
  • Set timeout as 3 seconds
  • computer booting slow

  • Go to Advanced Options
  • Tick on Number of Processors
  • Select Maximum Number
  • Tick on Maximum Memory
  • Click on OK and restart the computer
  • pc booting slow

If you still facing the same computer booting slow issue then it is may be your Hardware problem. Try to extend RAM or try reformatting the operating system to fix the computer booting slow issue. Try to remove the RAM from the computer and clean the dust and reinsert it back, so that also you can fix computer is booting slow issue.

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