Windows Password Recovery

Did you forget windows password? Here is the Solution:

If you have your windows login password then you can login in to the computer easily, but if you forget the windows password, you cannot login in to that computer without some technical methods.

In every computer there must be a user login option which is for security purpose. Almost every user might use this option to not to allow other users or people to access his computer.

If you forgot the windows login password it is difficult to login in to the same computer. Either we need to format the system or we need to recover the password. It is better way to use windows password recovery option to get the password easily.

Here we have some tricks to login in to the computer if you forget the password.

You can recover windows password by using below methods.

windows password recovery

Method1 of Windows Password Recovery:
  • Reboot your computer or Laptop
  • Open Safe mode with Command Prompt by pressing F8 button
  • After opened the command prompt just type below command
  • net user Administrator /active:yes (Enter)
  • shutdown –r 
  • Press Ok
  • Login as Administrator after restarting your computer
  • Go to control panel
  • Click on User Accounts
  • Select your user which you have forgot password
  • Change password
  • Now restart your computer
  • Login as your actual user account with new password.

Method 2 of Windows Password Recovery:
  • Open browser in another system and type
  • Download the setup file
  • Run and install it
  • Put the Formatted Pen drive
  • Open installed application and select USB Flash Drive
  • Click on Burn
  • After burned, Insert it to the computer which needs to break the password
  • Select 1st boot device as USB drive in BIOS settings
  • While booting from USB Drive select “1” option
  • Select your user
  • Enter Yes
  • Remove Pen drive.
  • Login to your PC. 
By using this windows password recovery methods to get the password recovered is a simple and interesting process.

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