How to Download Videos From YouTube in a Minute

How to Download  Videos From YouTube in a Minute:

We can download videos in YouTube in a minute without any third party software or application. Normally all the people will use some type of applications like You tube Downloader, Free Make Video Downloader..etc,

but we can download the same you tube video in a minute by changing the URL.

YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch videos on their website. Lot of people want to download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their PC so they can watch them without Internet or on other machines.

Kindly follow the below steps to Download You Tube Videos,

Process to download videos from Youtube:

For Example you want to download a Rhyme from you tube, then 

  1. Play the video in you tube
  2. Go to the URL bar
  3. Add ss before the in the URL.
  4. Check the below image to understand clearly.
  5. Download videos from You tube
  6. The URL after added 'ss' is should be like
  7. After added the ss then press enter
  8. Then  you will go to another page which is,
  9. Press the download button to download  you tube video directly.
  10. See the below image for clear understanding.

Download You tube Videos in a minute
Make sure you are choosing the 'MP4 360p' or 'MP4 480p' option from the download link which is shown.

However we can download youtube videos from other third party applications like youtube downloader but it will take some time to download videos from youtube. For employees, the third party applications are not allowed by default in some companies, so that they can not download youtube videos from those applications, in those cases this method is very useful to download youtube videos easily.

Watch Video to Download You tube Videos:

I think you have enjoyed with this trick of how to download videos from youtube, anyhow thank you.


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