How to Send Large Files

How to send/transfer large files (more than 2GB):

We can send the files to other person through Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other webmail services or some other applications like Skype, WhatsApp. Most email services and software restrict the size of file attachments. For example, Gmail, Outlook,Yahoo and other Webmail services size limit is 25MB.

send large files by using pcloud transfer

However, we have best method so that we can send large files up to 5GB. The site name to send large files is pCloud Transfer. The URL for pCloud Transfer is

Process to Send Large Files through PCloud Transfer:

  • Open PCloud Transfer
  • Add email address of destination
  • Add email address of you
  • Type message if you want to send any message
  • Add files
  • Click on Send Files.
We have one more website also there to send large files which is WeTransfer.
We can send files up to 2GB from it.

Process to send large files to another person through WeTransfer:
  • Go to,
  • Click on We Transfer,
  • Agree the terms and condition,
  • Add files, your mail id and destination mail id,
  • Click Transfer,
  • Send large files up to 2GB.
send large files

How ever we have another method to send large files to others that is Drive sharing.

Process to send large files via drive sharing:
  • Login in to G-mail,
  • Go to Drive,
send large files through google drive

  • Click on New
  • Click on File Upload
send large files through drive sharing

  • Upload your files
  • Right click on that file and click 'share'
  • Enter the destination mail id
  • click on 'Done'.
This methods will help you to send large files to other persons and at the same time you can save your time also.

I think you have enjoyed with this trick which is 'How to Send Large Files', any how thank you.