Internet Connected But Not Working

Internet is the most popular network in the world and it connects the millions of computers. Almost every one using Internet now days.

Sometimes the Internet gives us different type of problems. It shows us as Internet connected but if we open the web pages then we get the error like Web Page is not available. We need to follow some techniques to resolve those issues.

The basic methods to fix 'Internet connected but not working' are,

  • First check the Internet device or Router or Server
  • If we are using LAN cable to our computer then check the cable first
  • If cable is ok then check our LAN adapter(driver)
  • Try to disable and enable the LAN or Wifi adapter from control panel
  • Make sure your computer has updated LAN and Wifi drivers
  • Check in case IP address conflict occurred.
  • If you are using static IP address, make sure you have given correct IP address
  • Try to restarting the computer once
  • By restarting the computer also some times you can fix Internet Connected But Not Working issue
We can fix the Internet connected but not working issue by running some type of commands. We have given one command below,this command mainly reset the Windows TCP/IP Catalog. We need to restart the PC after run this command.

Steps to fix Internet Connected But Not Working:
  • Open Command Prompt as Administrator(Goto Start->type CMD->Right Click on it->Run as Administrator)
  • Type below command
  • netsh winsock reset
  • Restart your computer 
  • Check the status now.

Internet connected but not showing

By doing this method you can fix your Internet connected but not working issue.

* You can watch this video to fix Internet Connected But Not Working issue;

I think you have enjoyed the solution of Internet Connected But Not Working, anyhow thank you.