Computer Running Slow

If your computer or PC or laptop is working slow? we have several solutions to resolve it. There should be different type of reasons for computer working slow. We can fix those issues by doing below troubleshooting techniques.

Please follow the below methods to fix those type Computer slow issues.

computer running slow-solution

Restarting the computer is a good thing to try. This can resolve a lot of basic issues you may experience with your computer.

  • Delete temporary files, recent files, and prefetch files by using run command.
  • Remove (or) disable unwanted programs in "startup".
  • Make sure your hard disk has free space 200-500 MB.
  • Make sure you have Anti virus in computer.
  • Run malware or virus scan.
  • Update drivers to fix computer slow issue.
  • Clean computer registry by using CCleaner or Ace Utilities
  • Upgrade computer memory or RAM.
  • Run Disk cleanup. (Select the drive-properties-disk cleanup).
  • Remove the Games from pc, because games should utilize more disk space and memory, it causes computer or laptop works slow.
  • Make sure your computer | processor is not getting over heat.
  • If you're using a PC, you can run Disk Defragmenter also to avoid computer slow issues

The Computer | PC slow issues occur may be because of RAM problems also. RAM faults cannot be prevented but you can fix them properly. If it is exactly RAM problem then there will be frequent computer restarts. This is due to faulty RAM chips. Because of this our computer slow issues will be happens. These Faulty RAM chips are unable to store the boot loader or NT loader file therefore the OS cannot find it and hence it shuts down all the processes, due to non-availability of the boot loader file in the RAM as a result the PC restarts again and again.

This problem can be fixed by replacing the old RAM with a new one. You must know the model compatibility of you motherboard before buying a new RAM.

In some cases computer slow issues will be happens due to insufficient storage space in hard disk. By extending the storage space you can fix the computer slow issues. We can fix computer slow issue by updating the operating system also. We have to update the all device drivers to avoid computer slow issues.

If an Application is running slowly:

  • Close and reopen the application.
  • Update the application. To do this, click the Help menu and look for an option to check for Updates. If you don't find this option, another idea is to run an online search for application updates.
  • Try reinstalling the application.

By following the above methods you can easily avoid the computer slow|PC slow|laptop slow issues.


Good points on slow laptop issues. Slow laptops can be very irritating. Most of the time it might be due to virus or corrupt OS. Best option is to format and re install the OS. Blogs like these are very useful for people who are into laptop service.

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