Pen Drive Not Showing Data

Pendrive Not Showing Data Even When Data Exists:

The main reason for Pen drive not showing data even data exists in it is Virus|Malware. If the computer or Laptop has more virus then you will face this issue. We can fix the pen drive by formatting but we need the data is matter. We have to fix the issue without any data loss. We have several methods to fix pen drive shows empty issue.

Importance of USB Drives:

USB drives provide easiest way to preserve your data in useful way. we can find USB ports in all computers, USB flash drives gains more importance in sharing and storing data among different computers. We can store big amount of data on these small USB drives and you can even find USB drives having storage capacity equal to hard drive. But, at some times it might happen to you that USB drive may not any files that stored in it. This may take place due to some logical conflicts on USB drive. The pen drive not shows data even data exists in it because of some unknown issues. We might say that the reason for this Pen drive not showing data is virus.


Pen drive not showing data


Steps to fix the issue Pendrive Not Showing Data Even When Data Exists:
  • Assume your Pen drive letter as "F"
  • Open Command Prompt.
  • Type below command and press enter
  • attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:\*.*       (where "f" is your pen drive letter) 
  • Open your pen drive and copy your data to somewhere else and format the pen drive.
Note: Scan your Pen drive before you use to avoid this issues like Pen drive not showing data.

By following the above method you can fix the Pen drive not showing data issue easily.

Tips to avoid Pen drive data loss:

Make sure that every time you removing USB drive from your computer using the “Safely Remove” or “Eject” option.

Avoid using the same USB device or pen drive in multiple computers as there is possibility of its corruption.

Whenever there takes place loss of data from USB device, immediately stop storing new files on that removable drive as its storage space may overwrite and there will be some chances of data loss.

I think you have enjoyed with this solution of Pen drive not showing data, anyhow thank you.

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