How to Remove Pen Drive Shortcut Virus

The main reason for the pen drive showing shortcuts is virus|malware. If your computer or laptop do not has Anti Virus then don't try to put pen drive.

While browsing computers a bad thing happens when your pen drive goes into another computer for transferring or exchanging data. You get your pen drive files as a shortcuts, nothing more. You have to delete this virus and regain your files with some easy steps.

 Always use Anti Virus scan before you use pend drive. Also its better to use "Safely remove pen drive" option while removing pen drive. If the PC has more virus|malware then it causes showing shortcuts. Follow the below method to fix the issue.

Process to Remove Pen drive shortcut virus:

  1. Assume Pen drive as G:
  2. Go to Command Prompt and type below commands
  3. g:          (pen drive)
  4. attrib -s -h *.* /s /d
  5. Enter
  6. Open and check Pen drive.

Remove pen drive shortcut virus

If you connect pen drive to your laptop then one pop-up will come automatically which is  'Open folder to view files', do not use that option because we do not know whether the pen drive has virus or not. Close that option and open the pen drive from my computer. Scan the pen drive before you use it. Its better way to avoid Pen Drive Shortcuts issue.

Pen drives are most useful things in computer world even we use external hard disks to exchange the data from one computer to another. It is very difficult to imagine our Pen drive showing shortcuts virus if we have more important data in it. We need to handle our pen drives carefully to avoid Pen drive shortcut virus. We need to make sure the computer does not has virus while we connecting pen drives, other wise this Pen drive shortcut virus issue will be occurred.

You can remove pen drive shortcut virus by running other command also as mentioned in below video

By following above methods you can fix Pen drive shortcut virus issue easily.
I think you have enjoyed with the solution of How to remove pen drive shortcut virus, anyhow thank you.

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