System Restore From Command Prompt

System Restore From Command Prompt:

Basically we restore the system in case of any system crash or application crash. Some people will format the entire computer if any system crash happens, but there is a option to restore the computer to last know good configuration.

If we restore the system then there will be huge chance to rectify the issue. We do not get any data lose because of the system restore but we lose the applications that we have installed recently. We need to re install those applications again. But we can recover our computers to normal and working stage because of this system restore with command prompt option.
Steps to System Restore From Command Prompt:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type below command and press enter
  • rstrui.exe

system restore from command prompt

Then the system restore page will be opened, where you have to select a date which was that time system worked correctly. Now click on finish. Then your computer will be restored to good known configuration.
If the problem is same then repeat the same steps and select another previous date and do system restore.

This command to system restore will be worked definitely to restore the system. I think you have enjoyed the trick of system restore from command prompt, anyhow thank you.