How To Automatically Send Someone Birthday | New Year | Greetings At 12 AM

How To Automatically Send Someone A Birthday Wish/Mail/Greetings At 12 AM:

It is very interesting concept to send any birthday wish or message or mail to your friend in a particular time. Normally we can send those birthday wishes or messages or mails manually but sometimes we will forget to send in time. This method helps us to send our messages in time to a right person.

For example if we want to send a birthday wish to our friend at exact 12 AM, then we need to awake till that time and have to send that message. By using this application you do not want to awake till 12AM, you just prepare your message or birthday wish and configure the delivery time so that the message or birthday wish will deliver to your friend at exact 12 AM.

Another example is, if you want to send a mail to a person at particular date and particular time then you have to remember that date and have to send that mail on exact time. There are some chances to forget the mail on time so you can utilize this application to avoid these kind of problems.

This interesting application name is “Do It Later”. This is an android mobile application. You can download it from google play store. You can use this application in your mobile phone and send your valuable messages to your friends on time.

By using this android app you can send your messages through SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Procedure to Install “Do it later” android application:

Step 1) Open “Play Store” in your android mobile
Step 2) Search the app “ do it later”
Step 3) Click on it and install the app

Procedure to use “Do it later” android application:

Step 1) Open the “do it later” app
Step 2) Click on + mark
Step 3) Select the method you want use ( SMS, Email, Facebook & Twitter)

Step 4) Add the recipient address like mobile number or email address
Step 5) Type your message and set the date and time when it needs to be delivered
Step 6) Click on Save.

To Send Happy New Year Greetings to your friend automatically at 12AM :

If you want to send Happy New Year greetings then follow the same steps shown above and type your new year message in the message box and save it.

Now your message or mail will be delivered to your friend on the particular day and particular time.
By using this android mobile application you can easily send our messages automatically to our friends on time. Apple and Iphone users also can get this type of application by little bit of search in Internet.