Laptop is plugged in but not charging (SOLVED)

Laptop is plugged in but not charging:

laptop is plugged in but not charging

Laptops are the most popular and useful machines in all areas. Laptops are different from Desktops, Laptops having batteries so those can work without power plugged in. Laptops need batteries to work and they can work without charging till max 3 to 4 hours, after that we need to keep charging. Laptop batteries will perform according to their condition if normal condition batteries can give little bit low charging back up.

Laptops can run with direct power if the battery failed or not working. We need to plug in the laptop charger to use the laptop and if we remove the charger then the laptop will go off immediately.

Sometimes laptops won’t work even if we plugged in the charger. We have some techniques to fix if the laptop is plugged in but not charging.

Steps to fix the issue Laptop is plugged in but not charging:
  • Check the Power Socket whether it is turned on or not
  • Check the Charger adapter whether it is connected properly or not
  • If still it is not charging restart the laptop once and check the status
  • If still it is not charging change the charger and check
  • If still, it is not charging remove the battery and re-insert it back
    • Go to control panel
    • Click on Hardware and Sound
    • Click on Power Options
    • Click on Change plan settings
    • Go to Change advanced power settings
    • Click on Restore plan defaults
    • Restart the laptop and check the status
  •  If still, the laptop is not charging,
    •  Go to control panel
    •  Click on Hardware and Sound
    •  Click on Device Manager which is under Devices and Printers
    •  Expand Batteries
    •  Right-click on Microsoft AC Adapter
    •  Go to update driver software
    •  Click on browse my computer for driver software
    •  Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
    •  Select the Microsoft AC Adapter and click on Next
    •  Now the driver will be updated
    •  Restart the laptop once and check the status.
  •  If still, the laptop is not charging, it might be a hardware problem like charging pin issue or power section problem or battery problem, so it's better to visit a laptop service center and show it to them.
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This information is about to fix the issue your self which is "laptop is plugged in but not charging".