How to Activate Microsoft Office

How to Activate Microsoft Office:

how to activate microsoft office

Microsoft Office:

Ms office is a software program which is developed by Microsoft. Microsoft office contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access etc. It is the most famous software and a billion people are using this worldwide. It became the mandatory application for all computer users nowadays.

Microsoft is providing us with some free applications like ms office, for example, the Open Office suite. Basically, we need to purchase ms office then we won't face these type of activation issues. However, we have some methods to activate Microsoft office.

We can get Microsoft office applications on our mobiles also and a lot of people are using in mobile nowadays. We can get trial versions of Microsoft Office applications but they have its time-limited period. After the trial period, we will get the notification to activate Microsoft office. Then we need the related product key to activate Microsoft office.

If the trial period of  Microsoft office is expired then we will get the error notification "This copy of Microsoft Office is not activated" when opening the ms office product. The notification should be like below image.

this copy of Microsoft office is not activated

The best way to activate Microsoft office is downloading the Microsoft toolkit and activate Microsoft office by using it. Microsoft Toolkit is a small size application we can download it easily.

Procedure to activate Microsoft Office with Microsoft Toolkit:

Step 1) Download Microsoft Toolkit.exe
Step 2) Open it and click on Office icon as shown in below image

how to activate Microsoft office with ms toolkit

Step 3) Go to “Activation” option and click on “Activate” button as shown in below image.

activate ms office with ms toolkit

Step 4) Now some message will come in the activation box and the activation of Microsoft office will be completed successfully.
Step 5) Now open any product of your Microsoft office like word, excel etc. and check the status.

This is all about how to activate Microsoft office. If you getting any error like activation failed error, you can retry this process to activate Microsoft office. We have another options also to activate Microsoft office but this is the best way and procedure to activate Microsoft office application.

I think you have enjoyed with the procedure of How to activate Microsoft office, anyhow thank you.