Switch Definition | Network Switch

Switch Definition | Network Switch:

definition of switch, network switch

Network Switch is a hardware device which connects the devices together in a computer network. Switch plays a good role in computer networking.

Simple Definition of Switch | Network Switch Definition:

" A Network Switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network. "

This is the simple definition of switch and its having brief explanation about the network switch.

Brief Description about Network Switch:

Like repeaters and hubs, another device called a switch, is used for multiple bridge connections. There are different types of network switches, those are normal switches and manageable switches.
Most of the people use Cisco switches for office networking. There are other company switches also but Cisco network switches are best now now days.

Network setup in the offices looks like, cable from ISP(Internet Service Provider) will be connected to Server or Firewall or Router, then one LAN cable will come from the server and connected to Switch. All the computers in the office will be connected to Switch so that all computers will be able to communicate together.

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System administrators must know about the definition of Switch because without network switches there is no networking. Almost in every interview we will face this question like what is Switch, definition of Switch etc.

Router Definition | Network Router

Router Definition:
A Network Router is Hardware device which is used to connect the devices in the network. Router plays different role when compare to network switch and hub. We have provide a simple and clear definition of network router.

Simple Definition of  Router:
  • Router is a Gateway Device
  • Router is used to connect and communicate data between different networks (LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to WAN)
  • Windows 2008 Operating system acts as LAN router.
Above three points are the best and simple definition of Router. These three points will cover almost definition of network router.

More Details about Network Router:

Networking has two addressing schemes. One uses the physical address (MAC Address), which is a data link address. The other uses a logical address located at the network layer of the OSI model. An example of a Layer 3 address is an IP address. A router is a type of inter networking device that transfer the data packets between networks, based on Layer 3 addresses. A router can make decisions regarding the best path for delivery of data on the network.

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Router definition is very important thing in system and network administrator interviews. Every one must know about the definition of router because router plays a big role in networking. We have provide above the simple definition of router, read it and explain the same when you face the question, router definition in the interviews. I think people can not get more simple router definition than this. I hope you enjoyed with this topic which is router definition.

How To Take Remote Access of A Computer

How to take remote access of a computer in windows:

how to take remote access of a computer

Generally, System administrators use this method of taking remote access of computers to update or fix any issues. Everyone can take remote access of another computer with the help of this article. If we take remote access of a computer then it is not required to go to the place of that computer. We can only take the remote access of other computers if they both are on the same network.

This process will be similar for all type of windows computers but we need to enable some settings in the client computer. If we take remote access of a computer then the client computer will be logged off because we are logging in to the computer remotely.  Follow the below steps to take remote access of a computer easily.

Requirements to take the remote access of another computer:
  • Both computers should be on the same network
  • We must know either IP address of other computer or name of the computer
We can use some other software to take remote access like Teamviewer, Ammy Admin, Anydesk etc. but both computers must have that software installed.

Steps to take remote access of a computer in Windows:

Step 1) Change the remote settings in a client computer which is,
  • Go to My computer properties (right click on my computer and go to properties)
  • Click on Remote settings (left side)
  • Tick on "Allow remote connections to this computer"
  • Click on OK. ( Check the below image for clear understanding)
how to take remote access of another computer

Step 2) Now go to the computer which you want to take access from
Step 3) Open Run (Press Windows+R)
Step 4) Type mstsc and press enter
Step 5) You will get a window called Remote Desktop Connection as shown in below image.

remote desktop connection

Step 6) Enter the IP address or computer name of the destination computer
Step 7) Click on Connect
Step 8) Then it should ask for login credentials of the destination computer, then give the username password of destination computer and click on OK.
Step 9) Now you will get access to that computer and you can operate that computer.

We can take remote access of a computer easily with the help of the above steps when both computers are on the same network.

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