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Internet Browser Shortcuts: 

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We all know the importance of internet browsers. We use browsers to brows the information or data from the internet. The famous browsers are Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc. Most of the people prefer Chrome and Mozilla Firefox now these days because these two browsers are bit faster than other internet browsers.

Most of the people use internet browsers in normal way and some people use internet browser shortcuts to operate the browsers. If we use browser shortcuts then we can save time and we can have different feeling. Normally we use shortcuts to operate the computer and its better to use shortcuts for browsers also. If we use shortcuts for browser its look different and stylish.

We have several shortcuts for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc and all browsers having same shortcuts almost.

I have mentioned some of important browser shortcuts below. These shortcuts help us in regular basis.

Browser Shortcuts:

Ctrl+D   : To Bookmark a page
Ctrl+B : To open Bookmarks
Alt+D (or) Ctrl+L : To move the cursor in to Address Bar
Backspace key (or) Alt+left Arrow : To go to back a page
F11 : To Browser full Screen Mode (Press F11 again to back to normal mode)
F5 (or) Ctrl+R  : To Reload or Refresh the webpage
Ctrl+F : To open search box or find box
Ctrl and + : To increase the font size of the text
Ctrl and - : To decrease the font size of the text.
Ctrl+T : To open a new Tab
Ctrl+W : To close the current Tab.
Ctrl+Shift+T : To reopen the closed Tab
Ctrl+N : To open new window
Ctrl+Shift+N : To open incognito window

These are the most shortcuts for browser which we use regularly.


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