How to Forward Multiple Emails at Once

Forward multiple emails at once:

We can forward multiple emails to a single person by sending single single mails, but its not a matter. Forward multiple emails at once to a single person is different thing. We can not send it simply, we have to use some kind of techniques.

When you have got a number of messages you need to send someone, it can be heavy to forward them all. Multi Forward for Gmail helps you to make this process simpler.

Gmail basically only allows you to forward one message at a time. Whether that’s to help curb junk or simply because it’s not an everyday task is unclear. However, there are times being able to forward multiple emails at once can be ready to hand. For example, when you need to forward all of your employees suggestion reports to your boss at the end of the month. Multi Forward for Gmail allows you to select multiple emails from your inbox by clicking the multi forward button and send them all at once.

Kindly follow the below method to send multiple mails at a once by using Gmail Multi Forward Option:

Steps to forward multiple emails at once:

  • In Chrome, Go to Apps (Open new tab then you see "Apps" option on left side)
  • Click on Web Store
  • Type "Multi forward for Gmail" in search box
  • Select "Multi forward for Gmail"
  • Click on Add to Chrome
  • Add Extension
  • Sign in with your Gmail
  • Reload the Gmail and you will get multi forward option.(Follow the below image)

forward multiple mails at once

By doing this we can forward multiple emails at a time. We can save lot of time with this 'forward multiple emails' option when compare to forwarding emails one by one. Basically all the people do not know this G-mail multi forward option to forward multiple mails at once. They will wasting their time by forwarding mails one by one. You can share this method to your friends and make them understand How to forward multiple emails at once.

* Watch below video to know How to Forward Multiple Mails at Once:

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