How to Open Blocked Websites | Access Blocked Sites

How to Open Blocked Websites | Access Blocked Sites: 

open blocked website

There are several ways to open blocked websites or blocked sites. Usually, we face this situation in office premises, institutions, colleges and schools. The system administrators apply some website blocking policies in their network because of the rules and guidelines of the management. The system or network administrators configure these website blocking rules in server systems, Firewalls or Wifi Routers to block specific social websites like facebook, twitter and quora etc.

There are different types of tricks to open blocked sites. We have given top 3 ways to access blocked websites. People can access blocked sites using the command prompt, different browsers and changing the system date and time. We have given detailed information below to open blocked websites. Please follow below instructions carefully so that you can access blocked websites very easily. Anyone of this method should work definitely and help you to access the blocked sites.

Method 1 to Access Blocked Websites:

Every computer must have a command prompt because it is an inbuilt tool for computers. We can access the blocked websites using the command prompt. This method will work in most of the cases. Check the following steps to open blocked websites with command prompt.

For Example, the Facebook site is blocked in our computer, now we want to open that blocked facebook site

Step 1) Open Command Prompt ( To open command prompt, Press Windows+r, then type cmd in run box then enter)
Step 2) Type ping and hit enter
Step 3) Now you will get the IP address of facebook website showed in the below screenshot

how to access blocked websites

Step 4) Note that IP address and type in the browser and enter like showned in below image.

how to open blocked sites

Step 5) Now you will access the blocked facebook site. Similarly, we can ping any of website and get the IP address.

Method 2 to Open Blocked Sites:

Most of the companies, institutes, and schools use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. We can not access the blocked sites easily from these browsers. There are  some tricks that we have to use. We should try method 1 as one option but this also works most of the times. Please follow below simple steps to open blocked sites.

Step 1) Download Opera or some other different browsers
Step 2) Install it
Step 3) Try opening the blocked websites from these browsers.

Method 3 to Open Blocked Websites:

In some places, System Admins or Network admins block websites only for specific timings. They mention the timing rules in the servers, for example, some of the websites should not open in the timings from 10 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 8 pm etc. Which means we can access the blocked sites in the remaining time. So we can get the point here. We can access the blocked websites by changing our computer date or time. This method also works most of the time.

There are some other ways also to open the blocked websites but these three are the most popular ways.

You need help with Computers? Who doesn't?

You need help with Computers? Who doesn't?

Need help with computers?

Computers are one of those complex machines which have become very useful in our daily lives. If they stop working, our life literally stops.

Many of us have no knowledge about the technicalities of a computer. So, it’s not a good idea to tinker with it if it has stopped working. The best thing is to ask a professional for help. But where to find such professionals whom you can trust?

We are here to end your woes. We are here to help you with any kind of technical information like installations, trouble shootings and unknown interesting technical tricks...etc. Mainly we face the problems with some type of applications, which installed in the system, Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. We can fix those issues by using several methods.

Here are some common problems we face while using computers.

Computers & Laptops:
  • Hanging
  • Not opening
  • Not responding
  • Booting slow
  • Issues with Control Panel
  • Issues with Drivers
  • Internet issues
  • LAN Issues
  • Wi-Fi Issues
Mainly we use browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera etc.
These browsers also give some problems like:

  • Browser is not responding,
  • No data received
  • Slow loading
  • Web pages are not responding
  • Getting unwanted ads
  • Opening unwanted sites automatically
  • Not allowing you to copy the data from webpage etc.
Almost every windows computer user use some applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe reader, web browsers etc. Some people use some another applications depending on their requirements. However, we face some issues with those applications also, like,
  • Excel not responding,
  • Skype not responding,
  • Application stopped working,
  • Unable to install applications,
  • Web Cam not working,
  • Skype audio and video problems,
  • License expiring of applications etc.
We have provided the maximum technical solutions in this website, you can go through it by searching with keyword by using our searching tool in this main page.

How To Schedule Emails To Send Later | In Future

How To Schedule Emails To Send Later:

schedule gmails to send later
Emailing is the most popular messaging system in the world. Almost all the people knew about the importance of emailing system. People use different mailing applications such as Gmail, Outlook, Webmail etc.

If we are using Gmail, there is no direct option to schedule emails to send in future, but we can find some other ways to schedule emails to send later. We have some browser add-ons and android applications to schedule emails to send in future. We can use this facility in both Computer and mobile. We have provided below the best methods to schedule emails to send later.

Schedule email with Boomerang Plugin:
Boomerang is a plugin, we can add it to Chrome or Firefox.

Steps to install:

Step 1) Go to google and search like Boomerang for Gmail
Step 2) Go to the boomerang website and click on Install Boomerang and click on Add Extension
            Check the below screenshot of Chrome

schedule gmail to send later

Step 3) After adding the Boomerang Plugin,it will give you all suggestions like how to use
            boomerang plugin and how it works
Step 4) Now open gmail and go to compose new mail
Step 5) You will find a new option under the 'Send' button which is 'Send Later'(Check the below

schedule emails to send later

Step 6) Compose your mail which you want to send later or schedule, then click on “Send Later”
Step 7) Once you click on ‘Send Later’ button then you will get some options like below image, now
             select the option when you want to send this mail.

schedule emails to send in future gmail
Step 8) Once you select the option the mail will schedule and it will deliver on the time which you

Schedule email with an Android App called “Do it Later” (Works in mobile)

Step 1) Download and install an android app called “Do it Later” from Playstore
Step 2) Open it and Click on ‘+’ option
Step 3) Select “Email”
Step 4) Compose your mail and schedule it as per your requirement
Step 5) Just CLICK here to check how to use this mobile application.

Above are the best methods to schedule email to send later or in future.

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How To Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages

How to recover deleted Whatsapp messages:

how to recover deleted whatsapp messages

Whatsapp is the most popular mobile application. Almost each and every smartphone user using Whatsapp now these days. Whatsapp is a messaging application, we can chat with other Whatsapp users, we can send photos videos, documents etc through Whatsapp.

Mainly people use Whatsapp for chatting or messaging purpose. Everyone loves Whatsapp to chat with their friends and relatives. Sometimes we delete our Whatsapp messages or chat due to slow of Whatsapp application or low storage space. Sometimes we delete Whatsapp messages unexpectedly. We do not have direct option to recover Whatsapp deleted messages in Whatsapp application. We have to use some technical tricks to recover deleted Whatsapp messages or Whatsapp chat.

We have provided below 2 better ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. One is the manual process and the other one is using some third-party application.

Ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages or chat:

1) The manual way to recover deleted WhatsApp messages or chat:

One interesting thing to know is, every day WhatsApp application creates its own backup at a particular time and it will be saved in phone memory or SD card of your mobile phone. We can recover WhatsApp messages by using those backup files. Please follow the below steps to recover WhatsApp messages or chat using the manual process.

Step 1) Open File Explorer ( if you don't have file explorer app by default, you have to install it)

Step 2) Open WhatsApp folder and go to Databases folder

Step 3) You can find some files in the databases folder like msgstore-2018-03-28.1. Those files are nothing but backup files of your WhatsApp and those are having the date in the files names. There will be a file named as msgstore.db.crypt. We need to rename that file to recover WhatsApp messages according to the particular date. you can add any word before msgstore.db.crypt.

Step 4) After renaming that file, select the file from other files which shows appropriate date before you accidentally deleted your WhatsApp messages, and then rename that file to msgstore.db.crypt. We can rename these files by connecting mobile to computer or laptop also.

Step 5) Now the Final step is Go to Settings>Applications>manage applications>Whatsapp and Click on Clear Data.

Step 6) Now open Whatsapp, Choose Restore when it prompts.

Step 7) Now all your deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored as per the date you selected when the time of renaming.

2) Other ways to recover deleted WhatsApp messages:

You can use some other web application also to recover deleted WhatsApp messages. For example,
just visit website and upload the database file from the SD card or phone memory and click on scan. You can only view or read your deleted WhatsApp messages with this website but you can not restore deleted WhatsApp messages.

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How To Format Pendrive Using Command Prompt

How To Format Pendrive Using Command Prompt:

Formatting is nothing but deleting or clearing the data of a particular drive or device. We will format the drive in several cases like if our device or pendrive having the virus if we trying to delete the files in device or pendrive but the files are not deleting if we want to change the partition type etc.

Basically, we follow the below steps in windows computer if we want to format pendrive,

> Go to My Computer
> Select the Removable drive which we want to format
> Right click on the removable drive
> Click on Format.

Then our pendrive becomes empty as we formatted it, which means we deleted all the data of our pendrive. But sometimes Pendrive won't format easily if it is having the virus or other issues, then we can format the pendrive using the command prompt(cmd). I have provided the steps to format pendrive using cmd. We have to be careful when we formatting pendrive using command prompt because if we select wrong drive letter the other drive will be formatted, so we have to carefully select the pendrive letter which wants to format.

Steps to format Pendrive using cmd (command prompt):
  • Insert Pendrive to the computer (Assume Pendrive letter as “G”)
  • Open Run (press Windows + R to open Run)
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • Then Command Prompt will open
  • Type Format G: in the pendrive (G is your pendrive)
  • Then Press enter
  • Follow the below screenshot

how to format pendrive using cmd
  • Now your pendrive will be format using cmd
  • Open the pendrive and check.
Above are the steps to format pendrive using the command prompt.

We have to make sure when giving pendrive letter in command prompt otherwise we will lose some other drive data instead of pendrive data. I have given an example that I assumed the pendrive letter as “G” but it can be another letter also like “E”, “F”, “H”..etc, make sure you are giving correct letter when you following the procedure of format pendrive using command prompt.


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