How To Format Pendrive Using Command Prompt

How To Format Pendrive Using Command Prompt:

Formatting is nothing but deleting or clearing the data of a particular drive or device. We will format the drive in several cases like if our device or pendrive having the virus if we trying to delete the files in device or pendrive but the files are not deleting if we want to change the partition type etc.

Basically, we follow the below steps in windows computer if we want to format pendrive,

> Go to My Computer
> Select the Removable drive which we want to format
> Right click on the removable drive
> Click on Format.

Then our pendrive becomes empty as we formatted it, which means we deleted all the data of our pendrive. But sometimes Pendrive won't format easily if it is having the virus or other issues, then we can format the pendrive using the command prompt(cmd). I have provided the steps to format pendrive using cmd. We have to be careful when we formatting pendrive using command prompt because if we select wrong drive letter the other drive will be formatted, so we have to carefully select the pendrive letter which wants to format.

Steps to format Pendrive using cmd (command prompt):
  • Insert Pendrive to the computer (Assume Pendrive letter as “G”)
  • Open Run (press Windows + R to open Run)
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • Then Command Prompt will open
  • Type Format G: in the pendrive (G is your pendrive)
  • Then Press enter
  • Follow the below screenshot

how to format pendrive using cmd
  • Now your pendrive will be format using cmd
  • Open the pendrive and check.
Above are the steps to format pendrive using the command prompt.

We have to make sure when giving pendrive letter in command prompt otherwise we will lose some other drive data instead of pendrive data. I have given an example that I assumed the pendrive letter as “G” but it can be another letter also like “E”, “F”, “H”..etc, make sure you are giving correct letter when you following the procedure of format pendrive using command prompt.


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