Router Definition | Network Router

Router Definition:
A Network Router is Hardware device which is used to connect the devices in the network. Router plays different role when compare to network switch and hub. We have provide a simple and clear definition of network router.

Simple Definition of  Router:
  • Router is a Gateway Device
  • Router is used to connect and communicate data between different networks (LAN to LAN, LAN to WAN, WAN to WAN)
  • Windows 2008 Operating system acts as LAN router.
Above three points are the best and simple definition of Router. These three points will cover almost definition of network router.

More Details about Network Router:

Networking has two addressing schemes. One uses the physical address (MAC Address), which is a data link address. The other uses a logical address located at the network layer of the OSI model. An example of a Layer 3 address is an IP address. A router is a type of inter networking device that transfer the data packets between networks, based on Layer 3 addresses. A router can make decisions regarding the best path for delivery of data on the network.

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Router definition is very important thing in system and network administrator interviews. Every one must know about the definition of router because router plays a big role in networking. We have provide above the simple definition of router, read it and explain the same when you face the question, router definition in the interviews. I think people can not get more simple router definition than this. I hope you enjoyed with this topic which is router definition.