Switch Definition | Network Switch

Switch Definition | Network Switch:

definition of switch, network switch

Network Switch is a hardware device which connects the devices together in a computer network. Switch plays a good role in computer networking.

Simple Definition of Switch | Network Switch Definition:

" A Network Switch is a computer networking device that connects devices together on a computer network. "

This is the simple definition of switch and its having brief explanation about the network switch.

Brief Description about Network Switch:

Like repeaters and hubs, another device called a switch, is used for multiple bridge connections. There are different types of network switches, those are normal switches and manageable switches.
Most of the people use Cisco switches for office networking. There are other company switches also but Cisco network switches are best now now days.

Network setup in the offices looks like, cable from ISP(Internet Service Provider) will be connected to Server or Firewall or Router, then one LAN cable will come from the server and connected to Switch. All the computers in the office will be connected to Switch so that all computers will be able to communicate together.

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System administrators must know about the definition of Switch because without network switches there is no networking. Almost in every interview we will face this question like what is Switch, definition of Switch etc.