How to Open Blocked Websites | Access Blocked Sites

How to Open Blocked Websites | Access Blocked Sites: 

open blocked website

There are several ways to open blocked websites or blocked sites. Usually, we face this situation in office premises, institutions, colleges and schools. The system administrators apply some website blocking policies in their network because of the rules and guidelines of the management. The system or network administrators configure these website blocking rules in server systems, Firewalls or Wifi Routers to block specific social websites like facebook, twitter and quora etc.

There are different types of tricks to open blocked sites. We have given top 3 ways to access blocked websites. People can access blocked sites using the command prompt, different browsers and changing the system date and time. We have given detailed information below to open blocked websites. Please follow below instructions carefully so that you can access blocked websites very easily. Anyone of this method should work definitely and help you to access the blocked sites.

Method 1 to Access Blocked Websites:

Every computer must have a command prompt because it is an inbuilt tool for computers. We can access the blocked websites using the command prompt. This method will work in most of the cases. Check the following steps to open blocked websites with command prompt.

For Example, the Facebook site is blocked in our computer, now we want to open that blocked facebook site

Step 1) Open Command Prompt ( To open command prompt, Press Windows+r, then type cmd in run box then enter)
Step 2) Type ping and hit enter
Step 3) Now you will get the IP address of facebook website showed in the below screenshot

how to access blocked websites

Step 4) Note that IP address and type in the browser and enter like showned in below image.

how to open blocked sites

Step 5) Now you will access the blocked facebook site. Similarly, we can ping any of website and get the IP address.

Method 2 to Open Blocked Sites:

Most of the companies, institutes, and schools use browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. We can not access the blocked sites easily from these browsers. There are  some tricks that we have to use. We should try method 1 as one option but this also works most of the times. Please follow below simple steps to open blocked sites.

Step 1) Download Opera or some other different browsers
Step 2) Install it
Step 3) Try opening the blocked websites from these browsers.

Method 3 to Open Blocked Websites:

In some places, System Admins or Network admins block websites only for specific timings. They mention the timing rules in the servers, for example, some of the websites should not open in the timings from 10 am to 1 pm or 2 pm to 8 pm etc. Which means we can access the blocked sites in the remaining time. So we can get the point here. We can access the blocked websites by changing our computer date or time. This method also works most of the time.

There are some other ways also to open the blocked websites but these three are the most popular ways.